Langke Jianxin Final Chapter exposes new stills, Yosuke Eguchi returns to star in Saito I

“Langke Jianxin Final Chapter” exposes new stills, Yosuke Eguchi returns to star in Saito I
Eguchi Eguchi plays Saito I in the live-action movie “The Final Chapter of Rogue Sword Heart”. On February 18th, the live-action movie “The Final Chapter of Ronin Sword Heart” exposed a new still picture. Yosuke Eguchi returned to return to the original group. The third group leader Satoichi, the film was directed by the history of Otomi Kaishi, and Sato Ken decorated sword heart, Takei played Kamiya Kaoru, Aoki Lofty, Sasuke Zuosuke, Aoi Yusaka, Gao Hehui, and Da Nishi to play Mingshen Yahiko.”Langke Jianxin Final Chapter” will be divided into two releases. It will be released in Japan on July 3 this year. “Languo Jianxin Final Chapter The Final”, the lower “Rangor Jianxin Final Chapter The Beginning” will be this year 8Released in Japan on the 7th.Earlier, the official Xuantiantian Jianyou (the son of Japanese movie star Chiba) of “The Final Chapter of Ronin Kenshin” appeared in the film. He played the original mysterious black market weapon businessman Xue Daiyuan in the film, which is the biggest sword heart.Enemy.The final chapter will start the story about the mystery of the crucifixion of the sword and elbow, and the battle with Xue Daiyuan, corresponding to the content of the comic reminiscence and the human chapter.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Li Lijun